Sign up for Popcorn Show & Sell

We have several spots left for Popcorn Show 'n' Sell at area Harris Teeter stores, Walmart, and Lowes.  This is a great opportunity for those who are new to selling popcorn!  It's easy and your Scout can make a lot of money in just a few hours.  Remember, 10% of sales (provided the Scout sold more than $200) go into a Scout Buck$ account.  This is FREE MONEY and can be used for our upcoming events like the Overnight Caving and VA Air & Space Museum trips.

Sign up here.  Please email us if you cannot access the form.

We have two weekends of Show 'n' Sells at local businesses.  Your Scout is welcome to start taking orders for popcorn THIS SATURDAY (collect monies upon ordering, popcorn to be delivered mid-November).  AFTER October 6th, your Scout can pick up popcorn from our Show 'n' Deliver organizer to sell around his neighborhood and beyond.