Popcorn Forms Due on Friday

Popcorn sales are rolling along to the end date Friday October 25 but don't let that slow you down!

All forms, money and popcorn must be turned in by October 25th.

Reminders for the wrap up process -

Order Forms - list only sales where you need us to order popcorn for you to deliver later.
Money - collect and turn in money for all sales - Order Form Sales and Show & Deliver popcorn you may have signed out.
Show & Deliver - if you signed out popcorn to sell please turn in money to Vijay and any remaining popcorn (hopefully none) by Oct 25.
Total Sales - on the bottom of your form please list Online Sales + Show n Sell Sales + Show & Deliver Sales and the Total
Prizes - indicate which Prize your scout would like to receive for the Total Sales your scout achieved.

Turn your Order Form in to your Den Leader by Friday, October 25th.

Keep on Selling and thank you all for your hard work and great sales achievements!

Please reach out to any Popcorn Kernel (Kevin Carlson, Talisha Cabral, Mahdi Fahim, Susan Jackson, Vijay Guillipali) if you have questions.