More Popcorn Booth Opportunities This Weekend!

We have added more booth locations for popcorn sales this weekend.  Click here to sign up!
  • Walmart Hillsborough - 501 Hampton Pointe at the corner of Old 86 and I-85
  • Lowes Chapel Hill - 201 Sage Road
  • UNC Tailgating -- UNC is playing Virginia Tech at 12:30pm this Saturday, October 4th.  If you would like to pick up popcorn to sell at your favorite tailgating location, you can sign up to receive up to $100 worth (so 10 bags of Caramel Corn at $10 each).  Any unsold popcorn can be returned.  You must sign up as this is limited to only six Scouts!
Also, Wagon sales will now be pushed back to after our last booth date, which is October 11th.  You may come by the Harvest Festival (at the OUMC) on 10/11 to pick up popcorn for your wagon, or contact our Popcorn Kernel, Renee´ Ferrari, to arrange pickup.  Wagon sales are easy to do -- just load up a wagon or other pull cart and have your Scout go around your neighborhood.  A friendly Scout in uniform is hard to resist!

Please note:  We will NOT be passing out Wagon popcorn at the Pack campfire this Friday.