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Orange District, Occoneechee Council Website - All the Scouting resources you could possibly want

Flag Ceremony - One example of how to perform the flag ceremony

Occoneechee Council Cub Scout Training Progression Link - This chart shows all of the training that is recommended for Cub Scout Leaders. If you navigate at this site, you will find more explanation about the importance of trained leadership.

Youth Protection Training for Scout Leaders - All Cub Scout leaders, assistants and committee members are required to complete Youth Protection Training. This is something that can be done online and takes about 10-15 minutes. Follow the link and then click on Youth Protection training. YPlease let Anne know if you have completed this training in the past. If you have not, please take the few minutes to do it and then let her know once you have completed it.

Occoneechee Council Scout Shop

Supplies and Uniform Information - An online store for ordering scout uniforms and supplies

Raleigh Scout Store - A link to info on the Scout Shop in Raleigh (where you can purchase uniforms, handbooks, etc.)

Badge Magic for Scouts - Attach badges to Scout uniforms without sewing

All Pack 825 Cub Scouts are required to have two uniforms - the Class A and Class B uniforms.


Class A Uniform

The Class A Uniform consists of:
  • A button-up shirt with appropriate patches (see below). This shirt can be short sleeve or long sleeve. Tigers, Wolves and Bears must have a navy blue shirt. Webelos can wear either a blue shirt or the khaki Boy Scout shirt.
  • Cub Scout belt and belt buckle (you don't really need to get a new buckle each year, although they do sell unique buckles for each rank)
  • Neckerchief(Tiger, Wolf, Bear or Webelos, as appropriate)
  • Neckerchief slide (Tiger, Wolf, Bear or Webelos, as appropriate)

Required patches include:
  • American flag (should come sewn on to the shirt when you purchase it)
  • Scouting World Crest emblem (must be purchased and sewn on above the left pocket)
  • Occoneechee Council patch (must be purchased and sewn on the top of the left sleeve)
  • Pack number patch (must be purchased and sewn on immediately below the Occoneechee Council patch on the left sleeve. You may have to purchase the three numbers - 8, 2 and 5 - as three separate patches if you can't find a single patch with "825" on it.) 

Other Notes:
  • For placement of all patches, click here. For those of you who don't enjoy sewing, the tailor at Carrboro Plaza on Highway 54 will sew on patches for a pretty reasonable price.
  • Cub Scout baseball caps, shorts, pants, socks, etc. are optional.
  • The Class A uniform is to be worn at every Pack meeting, as well as other "formal" Pack events, such as the Blue & Gold Banquet, Pinewood Derby, marching in the Christmas Parade, etc.
  • Class A uniforms can be purchased online via, or at the Scout Shop in Raleigh. Links to both of these can be found on this website's "Scouting Links" page.
  • Please consider "recycling" rank-specific uniform items (such as neckerchiefs, slides, baseball caps, etc.) by passing them down to a scout one year behind your own.

Class B Uniform

  • The Class B uniform is the Pack t-shirt. This can be worn for more casual or active events, such as Pack bowling day, Pack ice skating, Den meetings, etc.
  • Each Scout will receive one Class B uniform at no charge.

Ceremony Documents

Flag Ceremony
Pack Graduation
Webelos I
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