The Wolf Cub program is for second grade (or about age 8) boys and their adult partners.  All new Scouts must first earn the Bobcat Badge.  

To earn the Wolf rank, they must complete 58 out of a possible 74 tasks in the Wolf handbook.

We will work on many of these in our Den meetings.  Parents / Akelas and your Wolf Den Leader will work together to organize or "host" bi-monthly meetings around one or two of these tasks so all Scouts can complete their Wolf rank by the Blue and Gold Banquet held in the spring.

All updates go into Cub Trails.  Please contact our Packmaster if you do not have a Cub Trails account.

Progress Towards Rank Totem and Gold Beads

  • The Progress Toward Ranks Totem & Beads provide recognition during the path to earn the Wolf and Bear rank badges.
  • As a Wolf or Bear, when a Scout completes his first three achievements, his den leader presents the Progress Toward Ranks totem to him. It is worn on the button of the right shirt pocket as a temporary badge. 
  • For every three achievements completed by the Scout as a Wolf, he will receive a gold bead. For every 3 achievements earned as a Bear, he will receive a red bead.
  • These beads should be presented at den or pack meetings. After he gets his fourth bead, a Scout has completed the requirements for his rank badge (either Wolf or Bear) which will be awarded at a pack meeting.
  • Cub Scouts may continue to wear this emblem after ranks are earned until they become Webelos Scouts.


Arrow Point Trail

  • AFTER a Wolf Cub Scout earns his Wolf Badge he may begin earning Arrow Points in the Electives section of his book.
  • He may work on his Arrow Point Trail at any time, however he cannot receive Arrow Points until AFTER he has earned the Wolf Badge.
  • GOLD ARROW POINT: For the FIRST 10 arrow points completed in the "Electives" section of his book, the Wolf Cub earns his GOLD ARROW POINT.
  • SILVER ARROW POINTS: For EACH 10 arrow points completed (AFTER HE EARNS THE GOLD ARROW POINT) the Wolf Cub earns a SILVER ARROW POINT.
  • He may earn any number of SILVER ARROW POINTS, but he may only earn ONE GOLD ARROW POINT for the first 10 elective points that he completes.  


Optional Achievements

Belt Loops

  • There are many ways to earn optional belt loops for sports and academic activities. These are not in the Wolf handbook, but you can find them here on the Scouting website.  
  • If your son plays on a sports team, for example, he will likely earn a belt loop and possibly a pin without any extra effort. You can also earn these on your own, without being part of a team. 
  • There are many options for belt loops for academics and the arts, as well as sports. 
  • These are not only for Wolves. They can be earned throughout your son's years as a Cub Scout. 
  • If your son attends Cub Scout day camp (usually the first week after school is out in June--mark your calendars!), he will earn several.


  • Pins are optional and a little harder to get than belt loops. You can get them in the same topics, but the boys do more to earn them.  Pin requirements can be found here.

Both belt loops and pins are optional and are not required to receive the Wolf badge or advance to Bear.